When a customer receives a poor quality shipment, the issue is not just about DOA. It is about additional time and money wasted to acclimatize and treat the poorly arrived fish. It is about loss of revenue. Precious tank space is now taken up by livestock longer than it should be. Customer satisfaction is reduced because order fulfillment level is down. We at Sunbeam understand all these problems perfectly. As such, we aim to get it right from the start. Even though we have been exporting quality fish since our establishment in 1972, we are never complacent. Now with our newly upgraded and expanded quarantine facilities, we are able to quarantine twice as many fish as before. Supplementing our quarantine facilities is a network of breeders who are assessed every shipment to ensure that they meet our stringent quality standards.

We are always looking to improve the arrival conditions, hence experimental packing is being conducted regularly. Investment in technology such as automated packing and sealing machines are made to increase the standard of our packing.


Few exporters in Singapore set up marine facilities at all for it is a heavy investment, but we did. In addition, our facilities are supported by a team of divers who collects marine fish by net.

Today, we serve distributors, wholesalers and retailers in at least 40 countries. The depth and width of our experience have prepared us to cope with a wide range of customers' expectations. Hence, you could be assured that your shipment would be most professionally managed.

Exporting fish is no child’s play! So be sure to leave it only in the hands of experts like Sunbeam Aquarium!